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     The New Show 2020

Jason Brügger, Aerial Straps & Vertical Silk (Switzerland)

Jason Brügger became known in 2016 when he won the Swiss National TV casting show "The Greatest Swiss Talent". The following year, the renowned Swiss National Circus Knie engaged the young talent for their annual nine months tour through Switzerland.  The German Circus "Flic Flac" engaged Jason Brügger, after he was voted one of the best performers at Circus Knie, and after he appeared on the German TV Show "Das Supertalent" (The Super Talent). He has amazed many audiences in hundreds of performances and business events since 2016 with his aerial strap, the aerial silk, and performances of the Chines pole. Jason discovered his fascination with the circus world early in his childhood. He trained at a partner school of the Swiss Olympics and for three years at the renowned arts school

"Ecole Nationale de Cirque Montréal" in Canada.

A true young world class performer with a great future ahead!

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Michelle Musser, Clown & Comedian (USA)

At the age of 21, Michelle auditioned for Ringling Bros: Circus on a dare. She was offered a contract that day and three days later she packed her bags and toured the United States as a clown.  After two years of traveling, she decided to continue her education at the Clown Conservatory in San Francisco where she graduated in 2009. Michelle also was a successful student at the Flying Actors Studio as well as at the Bats Improv Theater. Michelle has since worked in Europe and many other parts of the world. She toured with the Finnish Sirkus Finlandia, Culpepper and Merriweather Circus, Circus World Museum, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baily Circus. Her own unique style makes children and adults not only laugh, but also “fall in love” with her. 

Duo White, Hand to Hand Acrobatics (Poland)

This slow-motion balancing act demonstrates harmony and art. It combines strength, agility, flexibility, skills and balance. This acrobatic act involves almost no physical limitation, virtuosity and risk, and pushing boundaries. A captivating acrobatic duo which demonstrates a compelling chemistry as they perform their hand to hand balancing and acro-balance with incredible human strength and endless possibility.

They have impressed many audiences around the globe.

Olivier Taquin, Pantomime (Belgium)

For many years Olivier travelled the world bringing happiness to people with many acts. The unique act with a human size doll may be one of the best in the world! The doll discovers his human feelings. Both characters experience a magical moment as in a Comedia dell’Arte dream. This scene is as comical as it is touching. Is it a doll or is it real? You have to see it, be part of it to find out, simply experience it! True high-quality Mime as its best! In 1985, Olivier founded the pantomime duo “Les Frères Taquins”. Les Frères Taquins have been awarded the Gold Medal at the Festival du Cirque in Paris and the Bronze Clown at the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. Previous engagements include the Swiss National Circus Knie, Swiss Circus Conelli, Cirkus Roncalli in Germany, the Big Apple Circus New York, Crazy Horse Paris, Winter garden Variété Berlin and many others.

Leaving university with a diploma in educational science, he had always shared his experience with the artistes he met during his travels by giving workshops in pantomime and visual comedy both in Europe and in the US.

Olivier Taquian has directed many workshops in Pantomime in different places: in his early years at the Cultural Centre of Tournai in Belgium, later at the Académie Fratellini Centre international des arts du spectacle in Paris; at the Fövárosi Nagycirkusz in Budapest; for clowns in hospitals in New York and for Theatre Improvisation leagues – using the pantomime technique as a fantastic tool for improvisation. Olivier is truly an experienced instructor and a gem in the Circus and Theater world! 

Jaroslaw Sroka, Cyr Wheel (Poland)

Demonstrating incredible technical skills, this Cyr Wheel artist offers a breath-taking performance that will not fail to captivate and impress audiences of all ages.


David Eriksson, Juggler (Sweden)

David Eriksson is often described as crazy, inventive and full of energy.

David performed in various well-known Circuses, variety and cabarets all over the world for the past 25 years. David performed in our Circus (Cirque Du Cap) with great success in 2004 followed by a full season with Circus Monti in Switzerland. One of David’s recent engagements includes a tour with the unique German Circus Flic Flac which is described as “The Modern Art of Circus”. This multitalented world class performer represents exactly that - breath-taking juggling, a taste of modern and different Circus!   

Liv & Tobi, Trapeze (Germany)

The breath-taking Duo Trapeze act combines unique, dynamic and emotional elements on a world class level. Liv and Tobi performed at many well known Circus, Festivals and Theaters, in many countries in Europe. They represent the highest standard of art, passion and love in their Circus discipline! Liv completed and graduated at the “State Artists School Berlin” in Germany in 2010.

After four years studying at the University Codarts for Arts in the Netherlands, she received her Bachelor for the Circus Arts in 2014. Liv has received various training from world renowned choreographers.

Tobi received his Bachelor for the Circus Arts at University Codarts for Arts in the Netherlands in 2014. Thereafter he completed two years of intensive training in acrobatics, tumbling and aerials acts in the USA.                                                                  

Marcin Slupecki, Cube juggling (Poland)

Marcin presents juggling and manipulation with this unique shaped object-

a big cube.

An impressive spinning and balancing act with a touch of well-choregraphed moves.   

Leosvel & Diosmani, Chinese Pole (Cuba).

These two performers from Cuba present this Chinese Pole act with a lot of strength and pretend that there is no gravity. Experience the finale which is performed by nobody else in the world!

Leosvel and Diosmani won the Erich Rozewick Runner-up Award and the special Moira Orfei Prize as young artists. Thereafter the duo won the “Silver Clown,” one of the main prizes awarded at the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo in 2013. It was the first time in the history of one of these competitions that Cuban artists won one of these great circus laurels, considered the most famous, prestigious and oldest in the world. For Leosvel and Diosmani it was “their greatest satisfaction as professionals.”

.............and other performers...........!

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